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Risk Management - 3 Required Hours
This course covers risks for Brokers and Broker Associates in their daily real estate actions.  Emphasis is placed on communication and common pitfalls in real estate contracts.

Agency and Teams - 3 Required Hours
With the increase in the number of Teams in real estate, this class discusses how agency affects the actions of teams and how to correctly represent clients in a team environment.

Ethics in Real Estate - 3 Required Hours
This course looks at the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and its’ proper application in real estate transactions.  The course fulfills the NAR Quadrennial requirement for Ethics Education.

Preparing for your Buyers - 3 Required Hours
Being prepared for your meetings with Buyers improves your ability to find them the right home. The class discusses the steps for a smooth transaction and satisfied Buyers.

Getting the Listing - 3 Required Hours
Once you get a Listing Appointment, you need to close the deal.  In this class, you will learn to get the listing through simple steps and satisfy your client.

Agency - It’s About Your Client - 6 Required Hours
From consumer to client, the licensee needs to understand agency and the fiduciary duties that drive their actions.  You will learn aspects of agency to apply in the everyday world of real estate.

Agency – Who do we represent? - 3 Required Hours
You not only need to know agency but some pitfalls that can occur as you work through transactions.  You will learn how to avoid agency conflicts and solve agency issues.

Being a Real Estate Professional - 3 Required Hours
Professionalism is a key to success in real estate.  This class reviews and provides insight into the current state of professionalism in the industry.

Contracts in Real Estate - 6 Required Hours
This class takes contracts from the basics to advanced application of real world contracts.

License Law - 8 Required Hours
This class discusses the license requirements, duties of licensees and what you should do to help protect the public in a transaction.

The Purchase Contract – Doing It Right - 3 Required Hours
This provides an in-depth look at the purchase contract from the buyers, sellers, and licensees point of view.  It covers from the initial contract to closing. 


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